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This is a rare investment opportunity. Real wilderness properties that are close to major cities are almost non existent these days. Anyone who has been to Europe or the US lately will notice that over the last 20 years, urban sprawl is eating up once pristine areas at a truly alarming rate. While there's still plenty of farmland close to Sydney Melbourne and Canberra, virgin bushland which has not been cleared and beaten down by sheep and cattle is at a premium. This property is truly unique and in Europe or the US would be sought after by major institutions and heritage organisations.

Land in the Brindabella Valley comes up for sale only once every few years. It is tightly held and being bounded by National Parks, there is no chance of expanding the amount of land for sale. This is a rare wilderness property with perimeter roads, walking tracks shed sites and dams all put in place but no other disturbance of the natural landscape.

A few hours alone on the Brindabella Wildlife and Wilderness Reserve for most city folk, brings a profound experience of silence, devoid of any of the background hum from civilisation. Walking off the property and into the Kosciosko National Park in a southerly or westerly direction means not seeing another human structure for over 100 kilometres. You're on the roof of Australia here where the air is as pure as it will ever be and parts of the surrounding countryside would never have felt a European footfall.

Not only is the property a registered Wildlife Sanctuary with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, it is also one of the founding members of the Humane Society's Wildlife Land Trust Sanctuary Network. However these listings do not prevent sensible development.

An investment in the Brindabella Wildlife and Wilderness Reserve is one which will largely remain unaffected by financial crashes or property 'boom and busts'. Owning and looking after wilderness and wildlife sanctuaries does not involve constant fixing of fences and other costly maintenance projects. It's more about guarding against unwanted intrusions on a unique environment.

The property would be well suited to ownership by individuals or small partnerships like a group of friends, a common interest group (bushwalking) or an environmentally aware corporation who might like to go to some expense to further native breeding programs of growing endangered plant species. Local council will allow a dual occupancy house plan that will allow potential owners to build their own vision into the magnificent landscapes.

The current owners of the property are also the next door neighbours. They have a track record in sustainable lifestyles through environmental media and the health food industries. They were editors of the well known environmental and alternative lifestyle magazine, Simply Living, in the early 1980s. They were also original owners and designers of one of Canberra's best known health food shops, Mountain Creek Healthfoods.

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