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This designated wildlife sanctuary is situated in one of Australia’s most picturesque and natural settings – the Brindabella Valley. It is a little over an hour’s drive west of Canberra, north of the Yarrongabilly Caves and east from Tumut. The Valley forms a small finger of fertile land bounded by the Kosciusko National Park to the south and to the west, Brindabella National Park to the north and Namadgi National Park to the east.

Main features
The Brindabella Valley runs north/south with the Milky Way parallel and directly overhead in the night sky. The pristine waters of the Goodradigbee River flow out of the Kosciusko National Park through the centre of the valley and into Burrunjuck Dam - some 50 kilometres to the north. Average temperatures vary greatly throughout the year offering four very distinct seasons. The verdant outlook of the Valley is maintained by an average annual rainfall of about 780 mm. The air is amongst the purest in the world and although there is some traditional farming in the valley the surrounding non-native environment is unpolluted and clean.

The Reserve is 70 kms from Canberra. The first 35 kms is a sealed and scenic road which passes through the Cotter Reserve and a few of the older established farms in the region. The second 35 kms is an all-weather dirt road with sweeping views back to Canberra. This road may be closed for one or two days a year when heavy snow falls. Approximately 25-30 people own property in the Brindabella Valley with a few commuting to Canberra daily. There is a regular mail service but no public transport.

From the top of the property, panoramic vistas of the southern alps and adjoining national parks, unfold in all directions.
All the prominent peaks of the area - Mt Brahmina (4,800 ft), Mt Franklin (5,200ft), Bull’s Head and Mt Coree (4,800 ft) - can be seen from various points on the reserve.
The spectacular Blue Water Holes and Yarrangabilly Caves lie about 40km to the south.

The Reserve comprises 116 hectares (330 acres) of natural and pristine bushland with a series of access tracks to the main viewing and ‘hide’ sites.

"If you know wilderness in the way that you know love, you would be unwilling to let it go. We are talking about the body of the beloved, not real estate."
Terry Tempest Williams: US author and wilderness advocate
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